Foundation staff review applicants’ materials and will contact applicants if further information is needed or a site visit is warranted. Site visits do not constitute a grant commitment. A Program Committee of Board members reviews requests and makes funding recommendations to the whole Board. The Program Committee may decline a request based on the information provided. In some cases, additional information or a site visit with the applicant is requested after the Program Committee meets. Final approval of each grant is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Grant applicants will receive written notice concerning Board decisions usually within 10 days following a Board meeting.

The Foundation will send an award letter and the Grant Agreement if a grant is approved. The Agreement that will include the grant period and reporting requirements. The grant recipient must accept the terms of the grant and sign the Agreement before any award payments begin.

Because of the high volume of funding requests received, the Foundation must often decline to support proposals of obvious merit which are either outside the Foundation’s guidelines or beyond its available resources.

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