Application Process / Forms:

Information Requested
The McNeely Foundation requires that all requests for funding be completed using the Application Form provided below. All applications received by the established deadline for the appropriate goal area will be reviewed by the Foundation.

Click here to download the Application Form

Click here to download the Budget Template for a Proposal

In addition to completing the Application Form, the following, additional documents are required as part of the application:

  • Copy of the organization's annual operating budget for current fiscal year.
  • Copy of the organization's most recent year end financial statements (do not include tax returns, i.e. Form 990).

Please send both a hard copy of the application and budget and an e-mail of both in Word/Excel format, not a pdf, to Karen Reynolds at the McNeely Foundation, 444 Pine Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101-2453. A postmark of the deadline date is acceptable; please do not bring proposals to the office. Please do not send CD's, DVD, or annual reports.

Types of Application Requested Application Due Meeting Month
Education and Enrichment December 1 March
Environment March 1 June
Family and Neighborhood Stability June 1 September

Note: If the due date lands on a weekend, the document is due by the following Monday by 5pm.


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Report and Evaluation:

The McNeely Foundation sets high standards for its grantees. Grantees' performance is evaluated in order to learn from successes as well as mistakes. To that end, the completion of the McNeely Program Report Form and the McNeely Foundation Financial Report Form is required at the end of the grant period or with the next application (whichever is sooner), which is generally 12 months from the receipt of the award letter and grant check. Grantees should refer to their grant agreement letter for information about their report due date.

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