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Application process:

The McNeely Foundation requires that all requests for funding be completed using the online application process.  Please see below for the appropriate application link.

Four steps:


Submit Application

Staff Review

Committee Review

Board Review & Decision


Process for Review

Foundation staff review applicants’ materials and will contact applicants if further information is needed or a site visit is warranted. Site visits do not constitute a grant commitment. A Program Committee of Board members reviews requests and makes funding recommendations to the whole Board. The Program Committee may decline a request based on the information provided. In some cases, additional information or a site visit with the applicant is requested after the Program Committee meets. Final approval of each grant is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Grant applicants will receive written notice concerning Board decisions usually within 10 days following a Board meeting.

The Grant Agreement includes the grant period and reporting requirements as well as a list of the goal statements and anticipated results that you specified in your Action Plan within the application.  You will use the Action Plan goal statements to complete your Progress/Final report to the Foundation.

Because of the high volume of funding requests received, the Foundation must often decline to support proposals of obvious merit which are either outside the Foundation’s guidelines or beyond its available resources.

The McNeely Foundation sets high standards for its grantees.  Performance is evaluated using the stated Goals and Expectations in the Grantee’s Action Plan in order to learn from successes as well as mistakes. To that end, the completion is required at the time of resubmission for funding for returning grantees or within 3 months of the end of the project/program year if not reapplying. Grantees should refer to their Grant Agreement letter for information about their report due date.

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Application Timelines


Application Type:

Environment ⟶


March 1st

Board Meeting:


Application Type:

Family & Neighborhood Stability ⟶


June 1st

Board Meeting:


Note: If the due date lands on a weekend, the document is due by the following Monday by 5pm.


Not sure which to apply for?


+ What are the general guidelines for requesting funding from the McNeely Foundation?

Applicants must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization (i.e. 501(c)(3); if not, a fiscal sponsor may be used providing a written and signed agreement is in place from both organizations.

Program and project support is most typically funded however, general operating grants may be made as well as capital grants in very limited situations.

+ Is there a geographic focus for McNeely Foundation support?

Almost all of McNeely Foundation grants are awarded to benefit populations and neighborhoods on the East Side of Saint Paul, namely Payne-Phalen, Dayton’s Bluff, and Greater East Side, and includes the Battle Creek neighborhood in certain circumstances.

+ What type of programs are not supported by the McNeely Foundation?

Programs and projects not supported are, for example, in-school residence programs, one day events, or trips for youth.

+ What is the turnaround time from application deadline to the Board of Directors’ decision?

The decision process is approximately 3-4 months depending on the program area deadline and the scheduling of the Board of Directors meeting.

+ When will I hear about the funding decision and how?

Applicants will be notified of the Boards’ decision within 2 weeks of the meeting date. Notifications are currently through hard-copy letters via US Mail.

+ What if my program or work area isn’t listed in the McNeely Foundation’s geographic or program areas?

We believe that foundations can be most effective by concentrating their resources in a few programmatic and/or geographic areas. Inevitably, this means we cannot support many worthy projects outside our goal areas.

We will not respond to funding inquiries that clearly fall outside of the stated areas of program and geographic interest.

Online Account and Application Questions

+ What if I forgot my password?

If you aren’t able to log in due to a forgotten password, click “Forgot Password?” on the account login page and follow the prompts.

+ We’d like to change our organization’s email that is used for our online account. How can we do that?

If you need to change/update your organization’s account email, click “Questions?” on the login page to send an email requesting the change. Provide your organization’s name, the current email account login, and the new email address.

+ How will I know the McNeely Foundation has received my submitted application?

The online system generates an email to the account holder’s email every time an application or requirement is saved or submitted.

+ I’d like to see my previously submitted proposals and requirements that are due—how can I do that?

You may log into your online account at any time to access saved and submitted requests using this link:

+ What email address is used to email me about my application?

Add to your safe senders list to ensure you receive all system communications.

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Complete Your Application


Step 1:

Download and fill out Budget Form:

Download ⟶


Step 2:

Collect your most current Financial Report:


Step 3:

If you are a returning grantee, download and fill out Program Progress Report:

Download ⟶


Please read our FAQs or contact Karen Reynolds at 651.228.4503 or with any questions or concerns regarding the application process.


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