Philanthropy. Legacy. Community. Grant giving for a better East Side St Paul, Minnesota.

Giving Program

Grantmaking Focus:

The McNeely Foundation funds organizations that create a more vibrant and sustainable East Side of St Paul. It will consider applications from organizations outside of the targeted geography and age group for innovative work that could be integrated or replicated on the East Side. Our four grantmaking focus areas are Youth Development Through Enrichment, Youth Development Through Employment Training, Environment, and Family & Neighborhood Stability.

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Funding Guidelines

Who may apply:

  • Organizations with an IRS classification as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that is not a private foundation
  • Public agencies or schools that have been invited to apply

Current grantees may submit another application before the existing grant is over, but only if the existing grant expires before the next grant would begin. A preliminary final report on the existing grant must be submitted with the grant application.

Youth Development Through Enrichment


Middle-grade youth living on the East Side will develop their abilities so they can recognize and achieve their greatest potential and make the successful transition to adulthood.


Expand access to community-based enrichment and life skills programming during or outside of the regular school hours with preference for middle grade youth and consideration for high school aged youth.

Youth Development Through Employment Training


Middle-grade and high school youth living on the East Side will develop their abilities so they can recognize and achieve their greatest potential and make the successful transition to adulthood.


Support quality community-based youth employment and job training programming during or outside of regular school hours for middle grade and high school aged youth.



Increase public access to parks and open space on the East Side of St. Paul.


Increase connections between East Side neighborhoods and existing parks and open spaces.

Support programming that increases usage and stewardship of open spaces on the East Side.

Family & Neighborhood Stability


Increase economic vitality and stability of youth and low-income families.


Financial literacy and asset building opportunities.

Supportive services to maintain families in stable housing.

Employment education and training, and job creation.

Maintain community development and community building organizations that create community leaders, support expansion of individual and community assets, and foster a sense of neighborhood.


Funding Criteria

The McNeely Foundation considers a number of criteria in our review process for the four place-based goal areas. Applicants increase chance of success by considering these examples:


Youth Development Through Enrichment & Employment Training

  • Deliberate program structure, design & delivery

  • Intensity of contact during programming and over time

  • Intentional focus on range of youth employment skill building, exploration of careers and searching for a job

  • Foster youth's physical and emotional well being

  • Build connections & relationships between youth and adults

  • Program provides voice and choice

  • Youth actively involved in decision making

  • Youth leadership opportunities evident

  • Support for reflection



  • Serves neighborhood people

  • Residents are engaged and express a desire or need for the project

  • High impact

  • Timeliness

  • Stewardship component

  • Potential to catalyze other work


Family & Neighborhood Stability

  • Priorities, strategies and assessments are data-driven

  • A plan and the capacity to measure progress towards community and individual change

  • High impact

  • Timeliness

  • Potential to catalyze other work

  • Partnerships to accomplish goals and outcomes are valued


Grant History

The McNeely Foundation has been giving grants in the areas of neighborhood development, youth development, the arts, education, and the environment since the 1960s.